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Code Vidar 635 lrf
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  • Description


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    ThermTec Vidar Series

    The Thermtec Vidar LRF Series of scopes is a new line of thermal imaging riflescopes that has been introduced by ThermTec. The series comprises eight distinct models, divided into two categories: the standard Vidar series and the Vidar LRF series. The standard Vidar series includes Vidar 335, Vidar 360, Vidar 635, and Vidar 660, while the Vidar LRF series comprises Vidar 335L, Vidar 360L, Vidar 635L, and Vidar 660L.

    The Thermtec Vidar LRF Series of scopes is designed for professional users without compromising on quality. The series combines compact size & weight, sub <25mk high thermal sensitivity sensor and Laser Range Finder (LRF), representing the latest in thermal scope technology. With detection distances exceeding 3000m, the Thermtec Vidar LRF series is an excellent choice for long-distance hunting.

    The dual zoom feature found exclusively in the Vidar 360, Vidar 660, Vidar 360L, and Vidar 660L models offers a unique capability; users can transition between a 20mm lens and a 60mm lens by simply rotating the ring adjacent to the objective. Each lens provides a different base magnification, mimicking the effect of an optical zoom. It should be noted that the devices can only be used at the two base magnifications; the magnification range that lies in between is not usable. This system allows users to first scan the environment with the 20mm lens and then delve into the detailed examination with the 60mm lens.

    The laser rangefinder provides a measuring distance of up to 1500 meters. Other noteworthy features include encasement in a compact waterproof body and shutterless calibration feature where the shutter remains open during calibration – no noise is heard during the process.

  • Technical

    ThermTec Vidar 635L LRF Key Features:

    • Compact design, video recording and snapshot, built-in memory chip up to 64GB
    • 640 x 512 thermal resolution, NETD <25mK
    • Automatic object detection and laser ranging distance measurement up to 1200m
    • More accurate ballistic calculation
    • Picture in picture & RAV function
    • 1x – 5x continuous digital zoom, 2 modes of rapid and smooth
    • Various pseudo colours and crosshair function
    • Polarity reversal for crosshairs, easy battery installation
    • 1024 x 768 resolution with 0.39 inch OLED display
    • Up to 13h continuous working for lithium battery

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