Shader 008S/LRF , sunshades designed for all PARD 008S variants (with iris) by CUSTOMHUNTING

Code Shader008S
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Code Shader008S
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  • Description

    sunshade designed just for the PARD 008S and it's variants

    The new design Shader fits all new PARD 008S + LRF


    This does not fit the older 008/P versions. we have a different design for that.


    Find it the exact same cheaper elsewhere, we will match or beat it! 

    Many people would say a sunshade is only needed in summer or at least only needed in daylight.......not true! a day and night vision scope benefits from a sunshade that has a built in iris.

    The Shader 008S was designed by us from the ground up as we realized that the NV008S digital scope needed a sunshade when aiming towards too much light or at night when the IR light from a Torch can overwhelm the sensitivity of the camera ( causing a white out in some cases ) hence the iris built into the front. The Shader also benefits your PARD by protecting the front lens like a dust cap when not in use !

    FACT = We were the first to come up with the PARD 008 sunshade idea and have been advancing it ever since. design improvements may also alter so what you see in photo's may differ slightly. 

    How it works,

    Unscrew the original cap from the PARD 008S and fit the Shader in the same place (see photo's) keep the iris open for normal use, you can leave it on your PARD 008S, we have found that keeping it on all the time has its benefits as you may get some glare when least expect it, the sunshade helps block it out when adjusted.

    We also noticed that the iris when used in some light settings, would improve the quality of the picture. We would like to thank a few loyal customers who gave us some of the ideas that went into designing this sunshade. Now you can own one and over come whiteouts and sun glare.

    At night when the IR light is too much, you can then twist the iris towards the closed setting to get a clearer picture, this will help prevent whiteouts, especially when shining on light walls or a wet environment where reflection can be overwhelming !

    This Shader device should not interfere with the normal operation of your PARD 008 unit, we have re-designed it so it is stronger but like the first design it also controls the PARD focus dial, it is made out of one of the best filament known for strength.

    We also do other versions for PARD units.

    Please feel free to browse our shop and if your not sure of anything then drop us a few Q's, we will be happy to help.

    While stocks lasts, we are giving away a free LRF cover that you can see in the photo's, this twists with the IR torch and the CAP end also gest used as the focus lever for the IR so your finder is kept away from the LRF lens....THIS IS A FREE BEE !!!

    Pard in photo not included !

  • Technical

    The only 4 in one PARD sun shade on the market.

    • Sun glare protection
    • IR glare protection
    • instant light setting adjustment
    • PARD front end lens protection from dust and scratches
  • What's in the box

    What's in the box

    • Sunshade
  • Other important info

    We try and keep stock to a happy level, sometimes however we may run low or out completely, if we do then we will outsource if we can and send the item within a week, we would let you know if any delays, you will get an email stating "processing" when we are sorting out your order, the next email you will get is "shipped" that is when you will know your item is on its way !

  • Warranty if not standard

    Every effort and testing of this equipment has been made with no failures. Please do not attach extra gear to unit, we cannot be held accountable for damage to your equipment and cannot be proven for miss use, thus use at own risk. read the instruction and please do not point this product directly at the sun thinking you are protected, it is only designed to reduce glare, you may also damage the camera built inside. ( WARNING = never look directly at the sun )