PARD NV008LRF to NV008 Hack, FREE software upgrade ! by PARD

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  • Description

    PARD NV008LRF to NV008 Hack, FREE software upgrade !

    This does not work on the 008P version PARD

    PARD also now released a new firmware to improve the HACK further, read red notes for the additions to the download !


    WOW have i got great news for all the people in the world whom have purchased a PARD 008, if you have not been watching lately the new PARD 008LRF was launched with built in rangefinder and extra goodies not available to the standard 008.

    Not any more, I have the file that installs onto the LRF and it works ok on the 008, giving the 008 all of the goodies of the LRF, we were the first to do this !

    I wanted to release this free for everyone as i fear others may try to make money on it, i am now converting all my units to the upgrade. Lets call it the "NV008+" so spread the word and send them here for a clean copy.


    Just complete a purchase ( cost is nothing ) fill in your details to complete the 0 cost purchase and you will receive an order confirmation through an email, then another email gets sent with the download, you must download within a time period of 200 hrs.

    please check your spam folder if you do not get an email.

    Please remember that I did not make you install this onto your unit, its called free i take no responsibility if you brick your unit !!!!

    Installation instructions

    Follow by the letter and make sure you have a full battery while attempting this

    Put the file you download from here onto the unit with an SD card, route directory only ( do not change the file name or it wont work ), 8gb is best or near, then switch the unit on once the memory card with the file is inserted, wait for the LED to stop flickering and do its thing.
    once the screen comes on the change will work, please save your zero coordinates first if you did manage to zero it as the unit will reset back to factory settings, so remember also how to get to the language settings to change them back too if needed.
    Then remove the card or the unit will try and install every time you power it back up.

    Hey presto, you now have the upgrade, but without the rangefinder function !

    Please spread the word and send them here, so everyone can enjoy the upgrade on the standard 008 "ENJOY"

    I would also like to give thanks to Bruce who had a problem with his PARD that gave me the idea to try it !

  • Technical

    BUT.....and this is a big BUT, i think you all guess that the rangefinder feature of the LRF wont work on the standard 008, obvious reasons!

    However you will get the following

    1, PIP, picture in picture on the main screen.

    2, All the lovely cross hairs the LRF has

    3, Zeroing memory ( need more than 1 zero position, yep this feature is on here )

    4, Improved zeroing on the older version

    5, save zero menu improvements

    6, IR increase , noticeable better visuals

    7, Rec bug fix