Mountable (Universal Mount System V3 ONLY), zero to your rifle scope ! by CUSTOMHUNTING

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  • Description
    Mountable Rangefinder Universal Mount System, zero to your rifle scope ( mount system only ! )

    This mount is specially designed and exclusive to us, it is for the weapon mountable rangefinder MK V3 or lower only!

    These are designed around the nightmaster type torch adjuster but modified for your rangefinder, the Universal angle mount is ? and exclusive to us.

    Some people were put off buying the weapon mountable range finder that we sell, as you cannot align with cross hair without shimming......not now!
    Fully tested, Weapon Mountable Rangefinder Universal Mount System works very well with most rifle scopes, easy to set up and can be used on most 25 or 30mm scope tubes plus it will fit to most Night vision units or even rail mount to your rifle direct, a video will come soon but for now you can see from the photos, how adaptable it will be for most rifle setups. This design has been upgraded giving a closer to the profile of the scope and more mounting options.

    It can be mounted Top, left or right of your scope with the adjustable mount attached to the ring of your scope, or if you have no ring but have a weaver/picatinny rail, then you can still mount this unit with the new design we have provided, please see photos. You can even under-sling it to your rifle if you like.

    Windage and elevation adjusters can be locked down so less likely to move your rangefinder POI, this may allow for you to remove the rangefinder when not in use. Then when you need it, just pop it back onto the mount and the rangefinder will be zeroed to your cross hair from last time !

    The rangefinder and rifle scope are not part of the sale and are sold separately in our shop ( Illustration purpose only )

  • Technical
    This system should be posted within a few days but please be patient if not as we make these.

  • What's in the box

    What's in the box
    Weapon Mountable Rangefinder Universal Mount System 
    Alan keys
    Please feel free to browse our shop and if your not sure of anything then drop us a few Q's, we will be happy to help.........
  • Other important info

    Many of our kits have 3D printed parts ( of the highest quality and strength ) so ordering a kit may have delays of up to 1 week depending on demand, an email will be sent out to you saying "processing" for your order, we may also be out sourcing a part and that may be sent separate, another email will be sent saying "shipped" that is when you will know the kit is on its way !

  • Warranty if not standard

    This is a custom made product so comes under different laws on returns, please read T's & C's.