Mountable laser rangefinder 5-800m, NV compatible, MK V10.S by CUSTOMHUNTING

Code .308WMRF
RRP £134.99
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Code .308WMRF
RRP £134.99
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  • Description

    Never miss again ( well nearly never ! )

    This is the V10.S rangefinder on its own with extra laser on top ( still adjustable but no extras )

    Unbeatable price, and we had it made to withstand up to .308 CAL which is higher than our previous versions.

    How many times have you been out shooting, guessed wrong range calculation to target due to bullet drop, especially at night then missed.......well this is your answer. It can work DAY or NIGHT !

    V10.S has many improvements over its predecessors, the main being it will now take up to .308 cal, improved fog and speed feed back

    For this rangefinder will enable you to zero the rangefinder to your scope cross hair with ease, no more shimming needed, now with the added laser on top its easy to zero to your scope in that daylight too !

    Rather than weaver/picatinny mount it, you may also want to mount to a rifle scope tube, we have scope tube mounts in our shop to do this, please ask for details if you need one.

    If you want to side mount it or 45 degree mount it, we have our own universal mount in stock

    Will work day or night as laser can be seen by the tube(generation 2 & 3) or digital night vision device

    manufacturer do not make the RF without extra side holes anymore, this is something we preferred as it withstands the cold more, however you can still buy the cold weather jacket from our store if you want it to function for longer in Zero deg.

    How to use the unit,

    Just mount it on your rifle or scope with a weaver/picatinny rail press and hold the remote button to turn on, press once more to range the target, look at the lit display to see the displayed range. You can zero this unit to your scope cross hair, with the adjustable mount that comes with the unit. You can change settings from the other menu button, meters or yards, fog and HD setting, also find out the speed of an object. screen also shows battery level and elevation angle. All this can help you calculate your aim point ( or dial in your turret) for the perfect shot.

    Lasers = All lasers have a limit to what temperature they will fail at, then come back on when warm again. These types work up to around 0C to + 40 Deg c

    Every effort and testing of this equipment has been made with no failures. Please do not attach extra gear to unit, we cannot be held accountable for damage to your equipment and cannot be proven for miss use, thus use at own risk. read the instruction and please do not point this product at aircraft or eyes due to IR/laser safety !

    Please feel free to browse our shop and if your not sure of anything then drop us a few Q's, we will be happy to help.

  • Technical


    • 5-800m range in yards or meters when switching modes
    • 20mm mount for weaver/picatinny rails
    • This is the new V10.S build with extra laser, improved speed gun, Fog mode, inclinometer, longer remote, battery indicator, Vibrant LCD display + logo on it with Calibre rating, so you know its one of our higher rated units.
    • Mount on most rifle scopes or night vision scopes, with adjustable weaver clamp base.
    • rear lit up screen shows yards/meters and quality of ranging
    • remote switch
    • iron sights
    • dimensions = L82mmxH60mmxW38mm including rail
    • High calibre toughness, now up to .308 shock proofed, hence the (S) for shock proof.
    • Takes 1 cr2 battery.
    • Visible laser to easily zero to your scope cross hair
    • Waterproof, but lets not take it diving with you ok!
  • What's in the box

    What's in the box

    • Rangefinder
    • Alan keys
    • instructions


  • Other important info

    We try and keep stock to a happy level, sometimes however we may run low or out completely, if we do then we will outsource if we can and send the item within a week, we would let you know if any delays, you will get an email stating "processing" when we are sorting out your order, the next email you will get is "shipped" that is when you will know your item is on its way !

  • Warranty if not standard

    Warranty 1 year