Free Vermin control & free security done on farm land (East Kent area)

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    Vermin / Pest control. + security on farm land (East Kent)

    HI to all land owners who have pest problems.

    We are asking any owners with land, permission to shoot and control pests for them. This year Farm crime in the Kent area has risen 9%, more than national average, we do most of our pest control during the dark hrs and as part of this service we will be looking out for any criminal activity on your land and report it directly to you, this is also free of charge, this is a win win situation for both parties !

    A list of pests we will get rid of for you are and not limited to, birds, Rats, Mice, Rabbits, Fox.....any legal pest. We do have silenced Rifles and sub 12 lb air rifles for sensitive areas + FAC and Shotguns.

    We are fully insured, will leave no mess, abide by the land owners rules, we are a professional registered hunting company and will act in a manner that abides by the country code.

    Please contact us if you life within a 50 mile radius of Maidstone Kent, registered manager of land or land owner and want us to help.

    We can even give out ??? free Gear and coupons for great deals in our shop for land use, so contact us by leaving a message !

    The service is free of charge, you may even benefit from money or hunting goods.

    We are experienced BASC members (British Association for Shooting and Conservation) and are fully insured.

    No problem too small, we also have hi tech gear including thermal so nothing escapes us.