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RRP £21.99
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  • Description

    Eagle shell catcher, adjustable rail QD type.

    Have you had enough of ejecting your brass and not being able to find it, loading your own and loosing even the odd brass case can be annoying, especially at night.......Those days are over with this brass catcher, all you need is a side ejector type rifle + a Weaver/picatinny type rail, where your scope mounts on top........are you on the range?......spend more time shooting and less time picking up brass!!

    This is an improved design on the older Velcro type, Velcro type ones can slip, picatinny/weaver rail clamp type will not!


    • This brass catcher has a strong metal frame to hold out the pouch/bag.
    • The picatinny/weaver rail brass catcher easily attaches to your firearm QD style, to catch your brass cases.
    • Mounts anywhere on a 20mm picatinny/weaver rail compatible with most models.
    • Holds 100 brass before it needs emptying, either take off from the QD mount or unzip the net.
    • The brass catcher can be positioned/adjusted back and forth along to align with the ejector 100mm max movement, separates from the picatinny/weaver rail (Quick Detach style) for storing the catcher or inspecting the breach.
    • Heat resistant material
  • Technical


    Adjustment: 100mm back/forward

    Dimensions: 5.5" W*3.2" L*3.3"

    Material: Nylon

    Weight: 135g (no brass cases)

  • What's in the box

    Package Includes:

    One Brass Catcher.

    One Picatinny/weaver Rail Mount bar for 20mm rail.

  • Warranty if not standard

    Standard warranty