Circular Snake-Rope Gun Cleaning Kit for most calibres from .22 to 12G by ROTCHI

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RRP £10.99
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Code connectorsnake
RRP £10.99
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  • Description

    Circular Snake-Rope Gun Cleaning Kit for most calibres

    Circular running design saves you time, no longer dropping brass tip time after time into barrel when cleaning. connect the end and the head, then cycle as many times as needed.

    The cleaning rope not only contains the rope and wire round brush, but also a threading eye for cleaning patches.

    Just pick your calibre size when ordering!

  • Technical


    • Calibre printed on brass so no confusion
    • front and rear threaded ends to connect
    • twisted wire brush in line
    • eye for cleaning patches that can be oiled or run dry
    • strong non rip cord
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