Therm App Vehicle spotter 360, our very own sentry kit HAHA

Therm App Vehicle spotter 360, our very own sentry kit HAHA


This Therm app 360 vehicle spotter build would only suit someone who owns a Therm app unit, installing this on the roof of your vehicle will give you a huge advantage over your game. With pan and tilt, nothing will be able to hide from the comfort of your warm vehicle on a cold winder night. Can be magnetised to the roof or bonnet of your vehicle and plugged in ready to go within seconds, has a remote for adjusting the angle and direction of your therm app unit.

Specifications :-

  • Observe up to 500m in complete darkness
  • Take photos and video on your note pad
  • Fixed 4x optical zoom and up to 15x digital zoom on the therm app software
  • Wireless pan - tilt remote system
  • Robust, high quality construction
  • Video OTG for viewing and recording thermal image
  • USB Connection for easy data transfer
  • Hood for rain protection
  • Powered by rechargeable internal batteries
  • Field of View: ( therm app specifications )
  • Even works in fog
  • Magnetic base

The therm app vehicle mount is very easy to setup and put together, starting with this introduction video first.

Lets get building,

Below are the links to all the parts you will need, click on each link to purchase that part, you do not have to buy all the items, you may already have what you need or you have a different idea for a part to use. Some links will take you from our website and others to our own shop, just come back to this page when your ready. If any links do not work then let us know, you may win a gift for doing so !

Your list of items

A Therm app unit, for best results, one with 25hz and 35mm lens

Your own android tablet

Therm app rain cover

360 degree radio controlled pan/tilt

Rare earth magnets

Extra long cable to go from therm app unit to somewhere in your vehicle

Tools you may need = Glue

INSTRUCTIONS, This reads like a book, from left to right, then top to bottom.

you may want to but the rain cover we sell in our shop to keep the weather out !