The NightHog NV

The NightHog NV


OK, the night hog is not the prettiest night vision scope on the planet, but it does solve a few issues that some people get annoyed about in a DIY night vision scope. Most units you see do not have recording facilities built in, so you cannot show some great shots that your friends wouldn’t have believed. The other is power, most have rechargeable batteries that run out at the worst possible moment ( we’ve all been there ) or you need to fiddle trying to replace other types in the dark, no choice as the night is our office… a fast ejecting and replacing battery is the answer. This unit addresses those problems very well.

Specifications :-

  • Observe up to 400m in complete darkness ( depending on IR torch )
  • Take photos and record video ( Screen also has a crosshair you can design how you like )
  • Play back options on menu
  • Removable memory card
  • Fixed 9x optical magnification ( can be made to your specifications )
  • Built-in extra picatinny mounts for adding IR torches + picatinny mount for rifle
  • Removable menu controller
  • Removable rechargeable battery that can be swapped in seconds
  • Front AO focus
  • Camera that can be chosen from any of the foxeer or runcam range
  • 260x65x85mm
  • Weight: 640g

Sometimes we supply built instructions and schematics, this build we wanted to show video’s on how to build the unit, starting with this introduction first.

We thought a video on showing how the crosshair building and zeroing works, would be beneficial to you, be warned that some of the foxeer range of cameras have different menus, as you can see its a pretty accurate scope that you can make.

Lets get building,

Below are the links to all the parts you will need, click on each link to purchase that part, you do not have to buy all the items, you may already have what you need or you have a different idea for a part to use. Some links will take you from our website and others to our own shop, just come back to this page when your ready. If any links do not work then let us know, you may win a gift for doing so !

Your list of items

Rifle scope, the one to the right is the best to use

Casing for the night hog

Vf-c2 viewfinder

Scope mount


Battery charger for the Li on battery

Battery LP cannon type to fit the holder

Battery base holder

Foxeer type camera ( must have privacy masking )

Momentary on buttons x 3

Small 4mm grub screws x4 at 5mm length


Eye cup

Extra wire if needed

Tools you may need below

3mm drill bit and 4mm tap die for the grub screws only if you need them

Pipe cutter or hacksaw

Alen keys


Soldering iron or connectors.

You can get some of the gear you need from our shop

INSTRUCTIONS, Please watch the videos in order and watch all the way through a few times before you attempt this one as its not easy. This reads like a book, from left to right, then top to bottom.

Good luck on your build !