E.D.N.V build (our most tricky built yet)

E.D.N.V build (our most tricky built yet)


The EDNV stands for Elcan Digital Night Vision, it was one of my first builds years ago and is still one of the most advanced units, it was made from a donor Elcan scope and the insides all removed to make room for the digital parts, it was quite a squeeze and some internal grinding and filing was needed, the prototype took around a 100 hrs to build and was the only one of its kind for a while until I made some more for a few Americans…..didn’t really kick off in the UK as it was a tactical scope from the US army, I may one day build a SUSAT version ?

Specifications :-

  • 4 x Magnification and 6x digital zoom
  • Sony ej230 type sensor
  • IR cut lens screw on for day use
  • Shock proof up to .223 cal
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable brightness control for the 640 x 480 resolution screen
  • Aluminium ionised case
  • External remote joystick for menu control
  • Weaver/picatinny rail for mounting an IR torch
  • Adjustable windage / elevation control + digital 1 shot zero
  • Weaver / picatinny mount to rifle.
  • Many more specifications, too many to list.

The second video goes into more depth and shows just what she can do

Lets get building,

Below are the links to all the parts you will need, click on each link to purchase that part, you do not have to buy all the items, you may already have what you need or you have a different idea for a part to use. Some links will take you from our website and others to our own shop, just come back to this page when your ready. Some of the links will be old being an older build, some parts you may have to search for yourself.







Your list of items

Vf-c2 viewfinder

Elcan scope

Battery 12v

Battery charger for charging the battery

Rotary switch must have 1k pot and switch

¼ inch bolt and nut

camera ( must have privacy masking ) and be 19 to 20mm OD and under 90mm length and 12v with also zoom control if you want it

Eye cup

Regulator 12v adjustable

Extra wire if needed

Tools you may need below

3mm drill bit and 4mm tap die for the grub screws only if you need them

Pipe cutter or hacksaw

Alen keys

Glue and silicone

Soldering iron or connectors.

INSTRUCTIONS, Please read the build instructions below a few times before you attempt to build this one

100hrs left it should look and perform like this !